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09-25-2009, 05:37 AM
I was an inventor of FUEL SAVING DEVICE that improves FUEL COMBUSTION of any internal combustion engine. The device was invented to MAXIMIZE an engines' performance at a fraction of the usual cost of the popular HOT RODDING techniques. Besides giving 30% added engine power it also gives. 20 up to 50% added mileage/savings fuel, Fuel savings (gas or diesel), 95% Less Air Pollution, Less 30% Maintenance Cost, 30% Longer engine life.

At the moment we are in the PHILIPPINE based. We are interested in expanding our area of distribution to other parts worldwide which is why we are looking for business partners to invest my company.

We will give 30% for your net profit share and 70% net profit for my company. Information will send for those who have interested to invest.

Serious investors are welcome to come over here in the Philippine to set a round table discussion regarding the implementation.