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10-07-2009, 11:07 AM
Make Money With Us Immediately & Get Full Support – Please Read Whole Advert

We are genuine UK Wholesalers selling top brand names which we send to all our members on a daily basis. We can help you profit in three different ways, online sales, offline sales and also from selling our membership to other like minded people.

Please read on......

We have contracts with some of the top selling brands online, thus in turn we pass this onto our members for them to earn a nice profit on whatever item they decide to sell.

So what do we offer?

Well we normally charge for this information but here we are offering it for free and you will receive deals almost daily of items coming into our warehouse, we are the main suppliers for sportswear goods i.e. football shirts, cricket, tennis, rugby, trainers etc etc. All our goods are genuine UK items, no imported rubbish from abroad.

{Why risk purchasing fake items from China that have a good chance of being seized by customs}?

But we also offer more than that......

When you receive our deals, you can do one of two things......

1) Buy a particular item in which you wish to sell online or offline for a nice profit.

2) Or Sell our membership FREE to other interested buyers...


This is very simple, check out the deals, see something in which you wish to sell and contact us, we then forward you the goods, you then sell and make a nice profit........ simple!


Selling our membership?

To sell our membership is FREE, you simply use an ad similar to this one to get people to become members with us and then you get paid commission from us and you also keep any money you made by selling this information unless you give it away for free which will give you more signups. You can do this by listing just like us on eBay or maybe forums, wholesale sites etc etc

But it gets better.....

When you forward your deals you can change the price of the goods and make a nice profit just from this alone and build up a client base

But it gets even better again !!

When someone goes to order from you, all you do is simply contact us, we then send you an invoice of items chosen, and you in turn get paid from your client, then we do all the work, we will forward the items to your chosen address, just like a dropshipping service....

No honestly....it gets even better !!

Not only will you have made money from them signing up to you, you will have made money from them ordering, but you are about to get even more....

Each time you place an order with us from a new client, we also pay you more money, it won’t take long to build a client base, once you see our deals, you will want to order for yourself, or possibly sell our membership like above....

Check out typical example...

1. You place advert on eBay asking do you want wholesale goods to sell? (you sell for £2 each and sell 10 )

2. 3 people order from you for example Liverpool training top you add on £10 to each top ( £10 x 3 ) + ( 3 x £2.50 )

3. You forward us the money it costs your client and keep the profit. (£57.50)

Step 1.... £20
Step 2..... £30
Step 3..... £7.50
£57.50 for sending a few emails out!!

Now imagine, when you get 100 clients, some people working with us actually give the deals away so they build up a client base, this in the long run will get you a good customer base to forward deals to.... and they in turn will be placing more and more orders.

When you have for example 50 clients, and 20 of them order each week... imagine then what you could be earning WEEKLY??


Charge extra on top of the wholesale prices we charge you per item.

Get paid direct to your PayPal account, each time someone places an order from them and us.

This is an easy way to make some extra cash or possibly a full time income....

We have sellers who are making a full time income, from selling the membership alone, even without having to touch any goods! Yes all from sending a few emails to their customers...

The options are endless.... Giveaway or sell the deals, build up a base and you will see orders flying in!!

Well if you have read all of this page then you will see the potential and the fact that this could well be a real money spinner for you...

If you are serious and want to work with us either by either or both options above, then we want to work with you, there are 3 different membership types – Basic - £2, Silver - £5 & Gold - £10 and the details are below for you:

Gold Membership – Recommended

1.For every member you bring in that signs up for the GOLD MEMBERSHIP you will receive £3

A. For every member who signs up to the SILVER MEMBERSHIP you will receive £2

B. For every member who signs up at BASIC MEMBERSHIP you will get £0.75

2. For every PERSONAL member you bring in that orders a item of the site you will receive £3

3. Every order you place will earn you a commission of £2.25 cash back PER £40 SPENT * (bulk orders only)

4. All GOLD MEMBERS will be able to order in smaller quantities * (providing item hasn’t sold in bulk)

5. ALL GOLD MEMBERS will be able to put your own goods on the site FREE (any item that sells no matter what price you will charged only £0.50 !! )

6. There will be a prize draw every month with the top commission earner getting 1 free chosen item from the website for the person that’s brought the most members in per calendar month

7. You can use all the advertising methods listed down the left hand side of our site

8. Each calendar month after the 10th sign up you bring in you will earn extra commissions ( see below )


For every new member you bring in after sign up number 10 in a calendar month you will receive 50% of the sign up fee they have paid

So for example your commission for a gold sign up is usually £3 now you will get 50% of their fee which is £5)

Each month it starts all over again

You will also get our support daily if needed, you are given our private email address to contact us direct with any questions that you need answering.

This alone is usually £20 per month...but as we say, if you sign up now then all you will pay is £10 maximum for a lifetime membership and then the opportunity for your income to grow. We are building a client base like no other, and there are so many deals to go round, you will never have to worry about others competing with you.

So now its up to you.... you will make money with us, you wont be left on your own, and all for the very low membership fee!!

So please think about it, then click that "pay now button" on the website and start earning today...

This really is an opportunity not to be missed.


Please go to http://www.wholesalemillionsuk.co.uk and once you register you need to provide them with this ID – GO23

We understand that as our customers experience the simplicity and effectiveness of this program, they want to tell their friends and business associates about it.

So don’t miss out on this program that pays you for referring new customers simply by sending 1 link !!!

The Membership program can pay for the cost of your signing up fee many, many times over. In fact, one of our first members earned £2,812 in two weeks. Of course, not every member will do that well. But you may be surprised at the many ways you can profit from WHOLESALEMILLIONS GOLD MEMBERSHIP

At the beginning would a extra £200/£300 a week be worth it with our total 100% guaranteed support?

We would be pleased to welcome you on board and don't forget that once you have signed up you will be asked for an ID which is GO23

If so click the link above and join our team today