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10-19-2009, 01:45 AM
Experts in the field of home cleaning, such as Patti Page, have given others interested in the cleaning business basic ingredients in making their business into a success. Love of the work would help grow sales and nurture loyalty which would bear fruit into business partnerships in the future. Here are the ways to find out if one is cut for the business of cleaning houses.

1) Is the work right for you? One needs to be in tip top shape as cleaning is very strenuous work. Also, one must have knack for inter personal relationships. As a matter of professionalism, a little office ability and accounting skills are needed. If one wants to quit one’s job and enter this business, better have six months of savings. If one does not have this, better start the work part time. Also, one must have learned the full spectrum of the business and is able to understand the plethora of concepts in the business. There are issues on client relations, marketing, advertising, taxation, employee relations, insurance management, pricing and billing are some of the issues involved in making the business work. Also, patience and persistence are staples before landing the first client. One needs to build up a list before making it big.

2) How to get the first clients? Landing one’s first clients is the biggest hurdle in putting up one’s business. Most clients would require a reference list before engaging one’s services. By informing them that one is new to the business but with reliable expertise in the business, one can assure them of your capacity and capability over the services to be rendered. Being confident also helps because it provides the air that the objectives of the clean up can be achieved. As one gets more clients, one is able to build a reference list. Another way to get new clients is engaging friends and relatives to hire one’s company. But this needs to be given as discounted or free services. Though may not be appealing, but this is an investment that will bear fruit in the long run. Also, aim for quality cleans and not quantity clean up services. Cleaning processes take time to master, and making sure that double checking all the areas would just right to make sure one did right.

3) How to advertise? Image means a lot in the business world. And this image is projected with the campaign and the materials used to be visible in the market. Having a logo and a name would help. Also a website would help in making one visible to a wider market. Being consistent with all of marketing materials is key in making one known in the community as a capable and able cleaning service. Also, advertising in the local paper or guild newsletter is also a worthy investment. One must be noticeable to get one’s message across. Use quality work as basis of the ad and not low rates. There are also unconventional material which can be tapped. Magnetic signs or Car signs help one become visible in the market. Flyers can also be used and can even be made right ion one’s own home. And posting them in high density areas are sure fire ways of making one’s business known. Going door to door is also an option, though a time consuming one.

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