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10-30-2009, 05:07 PM
We can all use a way to save a few dollars when we do holiday shopping this year. A new website that launched last week will help you do that. Some of you may have already heard of it, but I know alot of you have not. Pizza Hut started inviting people to join in under their name on Tuesday, so this is completely legitemit (look at the link below and see for self). The site is called Blastoff and this is how it works. When you join it is FREE, and will never cost anything to have or use. You get your own customizable site which gives you access to news, entertainment sites (like Hulu and AOL Radio), games, and intigrates your Facebook onto the page. When you shop, you click on the mall link, from there you access over 400 major retailers sites. Under each retailer link there is a percentage value between 1% to 15%. This is the amount of cash back you recieve in to your Blastoff account for accessing the retailers site through your Blastoff site. This does also work like pyramid, where when you invite friends to join you receive a small percentage of their purchases back into your account as well. Every month Blastoff will mail you a check for the amount in your account. I am not saying your going to get rich doing this, I am saying this is an easy for you and your friends to save some money when you purchase the things you were going to buy anyway. This is brand new though, and being backed by some major corporations, so there is a chance to make some honest money with it. The percentage of money from the people you invite into your network that you get into your account is litterally fractions of penny on the dollar, but paybacks go 10 levels deep and the percentage back is the same all the way through those levels (it does not decrease in the downline). My suggestion is to first join up for your your own Blastoff page using the link below. Yes, so I will have you in my downline and make some money while you save money. Once you have your own page invite your friends to join ( so you will make some money while they save some money). Here's the kicker, if you have a buisness website add a Blastoff invitation icon that links to your Blastoff homepage. This will allow people who visit your buisness page the chance to join your Blastoff network while they are there. Now you have the potential to grow a huge network and possibly create another source of revenew for your buisness. This is basicly what PizzaHut has done. The link to my Blastoff site is below, take a look at the page, this is what you get when you join. after you join the top panel where my invitation is, is where you will be able to access your mall, network information and tutorial videos. Be sure to watch the tutorials, they show you how everthing on the site works. Have fun Blasting Off!

This is a video about Blastoff :

Here is a link to my site where you can join:

Here is the link to Pizza Huts web site so you can see this is for real. Please join through me and not them:

Here is an article about Pizza Huts invlovement with Blastoff:

11-02-2009, 10:26 PM
I cannot believe you people are not all over this. It dosen't cost anything, and weather you tell anyone about it or not it will save you money! Home Depot and Black and Decker just joined the mall line up!

08-12-2010, 10:14 AM
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