View Full Version : What's Needed to Start a Cleaning Business

11-06-2009, 12:52 AM
Because of how high the cost of living has become, many are finding alternative sources of income to augment the regular one they have. There are many possibilities available and one of these is the operation of a small business, such as being a cleaning services provider.

Starting a cleaning business is simple and does not require the aspiring entrepreneur to put up a large capital in order to start operating. Assuming that he has already done his research in the cleaning services industry, has decided on a particular service to provide and has prepared a sufficient amount of financial resources for it, the next thing to do is to acquire the right business registrations and licenses. If he intends to work from home, he must ascertain from his local area’s zoning ordinance if a home business is allowed.

A cleaning business can start operating with no hired employee, if the owner so chooses; but he has to be aware that aside from the obvious task of cleaning, there will be other duties to perform such as purchasing supplies, keeping track of records and schedules, receiving phone calls and billing customers. To save on costs, a part-time worker would be a good idea.

Just like any business, marketing is important in order to get clients. Ways of increasing awareness towards the business are through newspaper ads, phone calls, flyers, business cards and even word of mouth.

Since work is done at the customers’ sites, a vehicle is essential for mobilization. It has to well-maintained and kept in a good condition to be able to serve the business well.

Most important of all is integrity in conducting business, making sure that a good job is always done. This not only acquires customers but keeps them as well.

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