View Full Version : Why Cleaning Business is a good Business

11-10-2009, 01:30 AM
Many a home owner nowadays doesn’t have the time or the energy to keep the house in tip top shape. When both of the couple are working and take about twelve hours apiece, they come home too stressed from work to do much of anything. Leaving them only the weekends left to do things for the house. This makes an avenue for gathering a client base for a cleaning business.

The beauty of a creating a cleaning business is that it doesn’t take that much capitalization to start up. You can first target your neighborhood doing household chores simply by offering maid services primarily. You just need to gather a hard working, diligent team who can be dedicated enough to provide a good work output. Other than that you just need a vehicle of sorts, some cleaning materials and you can start. If the business does well then you can also stem out to other services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning for household accounts and janitorial services for commercial accounts. You can actually cater to both markets while having only one office. It’s just a matter of scalability and availability of your workforce and logistics. The system is the same. Job orders are your form of contracts. Your clientele will base their expectations upon delivery of your accomplishments listed on the check list. Of course a rating system must be developed for this. You may also package certain items on the list making it like a basic package and a complete and thorough package, adding extra things done by giving a rate to the added jobs.

The idea here is to find a niche. Two income families perhaps who can afford you and are more than grateful that a service like yours exists in the neighborhood. Freeing them of the chore of taking care of the house. Maid services often work faster and more efficient than if you did it yourself.

A maid service is the simplest business to learn and do in terms of necessary cleaning skills required. Maid services also operate on normal business hours, unlike janitorial services which usually work at after office hours. The reason behind this is that employers would usually not want to let them get in the way of things during normal hours. Other services like carpet cleaning and janitorial services require the use of special equipment and special cleaning solutions for which you must be trained for. One of the main reasons for the upsurge of opportunities in the residential cleaning industry is that a lot more women have joined the work force in the last forty years.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning just doesn’t deal with cleaning the carpet and the sofa. It may include wall cleaning, stain removal, and applying fabric protectors or flame retardants. Your list of establishments may cover hotels, restaurants, terminals, churches, business offices, schools and banks to name a few. The market is large enough not to be exhausted or dominated by a few cleaning companies. What will set you apart is the vision you carry and the dedication of your workforce.

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