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11-14-2009, 01:45 AM
When looking upon a cleaning business it is mainly divided into two main market segments, the direct consumer or residential market and the commercial market. The consumer market is not expected to be a frequent market wherein your services are required on a daily basis. It usually comprises household servicing, maid services, rug and carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and perhaps pool services among some. The commercial market is composed basically of the same general service with a larger scale scope contracted on a regular basis. General services could handle both janitorial and maid services. Establishments that would require this service would be offices, schools, restaurants, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, to name some. It’s a business that can start up with a low investment capitalization and as you learn the ropes, it is one of those types of business where you can start on a small scale.

A cleaning business doesn’t require that much on technical know how or gadgetry. It is a service oriented kind of business that focuses mainly on a good staff that has to share your vision of the business, understand that it is accomplishment and end results that determine your viability in the market and put you ahead of the competition. You need to find a staff that is honest, hardworking and finds happiness in accomplishment of the outcome of their work

The cleaning business is a business that allows you to find a niche market, thereby making your efforts well paid for. It is a very profitable and sustainable market. And with the economy nowadays that require most households to do extra work and be out of the house more often opens a window for this kind of business. Here are some examples of what a basic cleaning business has to offer:

1. Maid services – This includes dusting of tables, chairs and shelves, mopping of porch, stairs and floors, taking away of cobwebs, vacuuming the floors, carpets, rugs, curtains and stairs, straitening of linen and taking away of the garbage. They can cover the bedrooms, recreational rooms, the dining area, bathrooms and kitchen.

2. Carpet and Upholstery cleaning – Aside from basic vacuuming, the rug and carpet as well as the upholstery tend to have deep amounts of dirt stuck in the fabric, acquire stains from food and beverages, other household materials and odors from other various things as well as pets. Cleaning services offer restoration aside from basic cleaning. They can treat and solve certain materials which have discolored. This may also include ceiling and wall cleaning, curtains and drapes, and the application of a fabric or surface protector, like a flame-retardant.

3. Janitorial services – This is a service which starts when the normal traffic of the commercial establishment has left and gone home. This is so that the cleaners don’t get in the way of the office work that has to be done during the daytime. This may include maintenance of lighting, garden or ornamental plants and trees, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, landscaping and pest control services.

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