View Full Version : The Supreme Elite Team & Freebie Force

11-19-2009, 05:07 PM
Hello everyone,

I looked for this opportunity on this forum and could not find it, so I'm assuming that it is alright to post.

The Supreme Elite Team has joined forces with FreebieForce.com, a ten year old company that combines a database of Free Stuff Worldwide along with a Powerful Company Forced 5x7 Matrix.

the The Supreme Elite Team has many notable heavy hitters such as Mike Glaspie, Rachel Long, Jane Mark and many more.

Here's he best part about this opportunity. The Supreme Elite Team has a special deal with Freebie Force which allows anyone who joins under Mike G. to qualify for commissions without having to sponsor anyone. That's not all. When you join Freebie Force, The Supreme Elite Team will include your link in a 10,000,000 e-mail campaign that is bringing in hoards of new members right now, so be sure to get in quickly. Go to http://www.makeextremeincome.com for more.