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11-24-2009, 01:16 AM
A cleaning business is a very profitable business. It doesn’t require much start up capitalization, it doesn’t require that much skill to learn, it operates during normal hours of the day and it can either be operated on a full-time or part-time basis. It is a niche business that has a very lucrative and wide clientele base. The turn around of profitability is fast and because of its flexibility, it gives a particularly strong appeal to a wide range of clientele with an assortment of tasks.

If we really get down to it, the most direct answer to our title is, everybody needs their places to be cleaned. Whether it be an apartment, a house, an office or an entire coliseum, somebody has to do the cleaning. If you do a little research you will find out how surprisingly huge the return of investment is in a cleaning business. In the first place, you won’t even have to invest that much.

You can primarily start with offering maid services. You can easily get a lot of workers for this opening, who are very dedicated and thorough. The market for this is sustainable enough that as long as you offer and accomplish good services you will have no trouble finding the contracts to do. If you feel that you need a more personal approach with the business for starters, you can begin the business by doing the cleaning yourself. With all the modern equipment in house cleaning nowadays, cleaning is not really much of a chore anymore.

As a matter of fact, a lot of cleaning businesses have started off with a more personalized touch. You just have to narrow down the type of cleaning service that you offer, while you’re still working for the means to come up with more human resources, utilize what is readily there and what’s readily there is, you. You can start with simple house cleaning, which wouldn’t be that much difficult since most of us have been trained to clean our rooms and houses anyway. We must always remember though, that we should clean like we’re cleaning our own place. From there, you can elevate according to the amount of effort and quality you put in your service. Once you make one client happy, the rule of thumb is, you get a free advertisement with testimonies. After that, work will just fall in line for you.

Once your client base has increased so may also offer additional services to go along side your basic package such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, wall cleaning and pool services for residential customers or small businesses. If you wish to expand into janitorial services you can also do so with not much trouble. It just requires a little additional know how and training on how to use certain cleaning solutions and processes. It may also need a bit more of investment on equipment, but other than that it just uses the same system you would have for a smaller scale market.

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