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02-04-2010, 08:20 PM
Hello Group Members,

I am Joseph Uzoma AKPARAWA, a Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Engineer as well as an online entrepreneur who is making money through the resources offered by the internet.

I am here to show and teach others what I do to make money online, and to learn what others do to make money online. I am an EZ Wealth Reseller (http://ezwealthtaxi.com/?blogineering), a member of a F5M Millionaires Club (http://www.f5m-millionaires-club.com/freereport2/?id=blogineering) and Reality-Networkers Club (http://www.itshrunk.com/828e52) all of which make me a growing monthly income.

I read and write a lot. I am an author of 3 yet-to-be-published books on motivation, possibility thinking, and self-help; and another on politics. Besides operating my computer, I enjoy many sports, outdoor adventures, travelling, social gatherings and new things to try. I love giving a helping hand.

I am hoping to discover new interesting topics in this network and group, and make new contacts/friends!

I invite you to Take A FREE TOUR and watch the video and receive a free digital download

Best Regards,

Joseph Uzoma Akparawa
EZ Wealth Reseller/Independent Associate
http://ezwealthtaxi.com/?blogineering (http://www.f5m-millionaires-club.com/freereport2/?id=blogineering)