View Full Version : "Do You Know To Generate Your Own Targeted Leads?"

02-11-2010, 03:20 PM
Greetings Kevin Pritchett here

"Do You Know How To Generate Your Own Targeted Leads?"

Well, you should!! Buying leads and chasing cold prospects on the phone is a DEAD END...ask me how I know?!!

I couldn't figure out why I was failing when I was doing EXACTLY what my upline told me to do...purchase leads, and call them on the phone..."sound familiar??"

Well, after becoming tired of beating my head against the wall (and continually spending money and not making any...) I asked a guy who later became my mentor. I'll never forget what he told me ...

"Kevin, buying leads is what those stupid uplines want you to do. It doesn't work and its for suckers. You've got to learn to generate your own leads."

Fast forward to today. I generate over 50 laser targeted leads every day. I'm testing a campaign now where my objective is to generate over 200 leads every single day!! Think you could make some dough with THAT kind of lead production...you bet your life you could.!!

My friends, to generate your own leads, you must do the following:

1. Have a compelling offer designed to attract the very people you want to
work with. No chasing everybody within "3 feet"...STUPID!!

2. Your offer must be communicated on a special web page designed to
offer some valuable content (videos or other valuable information)
in exchange for your prospect leaving their name and email....a
"lead capture page"

3. Your custom lead capture page should have a personal video on it to
personally brand YOU as a leader..not some other person. Replicated
generic web sites are NOT what you want.

4. You must create a separate lead capture page for each
distinct marketing campaign you create...no "one size fits all."

These skills are absolutely vital if you want to succeed online. That's why they're the first things I teach my new team members.

My friends, the race (and the cash online) is not to the swift, the smart or the strong....it goes to the ones who KNOW and IMPLEMENT!!

As Always,
"Live Out Loud"
Kevin Pritchett