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09-06-2010, 10:03 AM

I`m a businessman from Georgia. I`m looking for a business partner from West Europe or North America for an attractive deal. My business plan can be summered in short as follows:

In Georgia online music (downloadable) is quite cheap compared to West Europe/North America. I intend to set up a mutual company with my West European/North American business partner. The company will operate an online music shop which will be based in Georgia. As the website and its servers will be located in Georgia, the online music shop will sell music at quite cheap price applicable in Georgia.

My business partner will promote the website in West Europe/North America. While itunes, yahoo, aol, amazon and many other popular websites sell expensive music, we will offer significantly cheaper music to European/North American market from Georgia.

This way our sales will soon jump up and our revenue will significantly rise.

Selling music online will be the company`s main revenue source. The second source will be inserting advertising banners on the website. The third source of the company`s revenue will be hiring of the website`s customers emails to advertising companies for email marketing.

Interested persons and businesses are welcome to PM me. You can reach me as well at: gorgisheli@yahoo.com

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06-16-2011, 10:14 PM
please see my topic, cause the same need :) and more .