Hello Associates,
After 2 months of Pre-launch this Monday will launch a very special money maker program.
If you haven't joined yet, this is the time to do it:

Please read my sponsor's update about the program:

August 15, 2014

Greetings Everyone,

If has been just over 2 months since I sent my first notice advisory
about Michael Weber's innovative X100K program. It is my opinion
that Michael provides us with everything we could possibly ask for
from a program and an administrator. There is nothing else that compares
and I believe this program is going to be a shining star in the industry.
I have received many comments like these....

I've recently given up on money games, cyclers, mlm's, and every other
type of money chaser online, but this one looks completely different from
anything I've seen before, so it's worth a free signup to see what it's all
about. Thanks, Ray
Michael Weber is a Matrix Program Specialist and he has put together
something unique here unlike anything I have ever seen! Many people
will be earning huge with this multiple cycler program. David
Michael, the admin. of X100K is not only smart, but he truly has a good
heart. He has truly thought this through for everyone. Gil

I am in complete agreement. This is a special program!

As I write this message there are about 8600 members ready to go when
X100K launches this coming Monday, August 18.

You can register now and take time to review all of your options.


1 - Click here >>>>> http://www.x100k.com/AMP.php?evejorda

2 - Watch the 2 minute video which was recorded a few days ago.

3 - Click on the "Join" link and register your free position.

4 - Log into your new X100K website and watch the entire video
presentation. This is very important so that you can understand
how everything works.

Step 5 - Scroll down and review the Purchase Strategies and choose
1 of the 5 options available. There is something for everyone....

Max Purchase Pro -$411.50
Pro Marketer -$105.00
Pro Affiliate -$32.50
Pro Starter -$7.00
Free Member -$0

Hopefully you will be able to join at the Pro Marketer level at a cost of
$105.00 which gives you 1 entry to each matrix as follows....

$0.50 = 1 Free Way Matrix Position
$7.00 = 1 Pro Membership Subscription
$72.50 = 1 Pro Membership Matrix -Scavenger Position
$25.00 = 1 X100K $100,000 Matrix Position

Step 6 - You can pre-fund your account in accordance with the option
you have chosen so that you are ready to go on launch day. There is a
count-down clock posted at the web site.

Click on the "How It Works" link and review all of the info there. Make
sure to click on all of the links there (Earning Power, Purchashing Power,
Matrix Design and Sponsor Bonus).

IMPORTANT - Make sure that you understand the "Residual Retention
System". This feature insures that even if you do not pay your $7 weekly
subscription you will still retain the position that is attached to that position
and it will continue to cycle. Of course, as long as you are able to purchase
a new $7 position each week it is in your best interest to do so.

Also try to attend one of the upcoming webinars listed at the web site.

Kudos to Michael Weber and his team for providing this unique model!

PS - Feel free to forward this program advisory to everyone on your contact
list. Make sure to replace my referral link with your own.

Wishing You Much Success,