I truly and greatfuly appreciate what EventsNow INC has done for me.. I never would realize and come to terms on what an exceptional job they did in Helping me start my own Ticket Broker Business. It was an easy step by step process to get started with EventsNow INC, initially I had to pay a one time setup fee to get a business name and officially get my business off the ground.. Afterwards I would only have to pay a small monthly fee which would cover the hosting and maintenance of my website.....

EventsNow INC initially had told me that it might take a week (7 days) to design my website and get my business up and running, but they did it super fast and completed the website in 2-3 days.. The Owner Ken as been by my side from the beginning since i started which was about a week ago.. Within the first 6 days of starting my business i had made my first sale and not only that EventsNow INC has been there to handle any customer relation issues on my behalf leaving me to focus on the Advertising and Marketing of my site, they also Guided me throughout the whole process as well as educating me on the day to day business operations.

I had the pleasure of speaking directly with Ken the Owner of EventsNow INC over the phone when i had questions with regards to marketing and developing my business. He's a great guy and mentor.

.. I've tried many different Business opportunities in the past, and i must say EventsNow INC is the real deal!! I rarely come across companies that are in good standing like EventsNow INC. So I am writing this letter to let anyone who has the desire in starting a small business but don't know where to start or look.. EventsNow INC will take care of you, and be by your side from the beginning well on into the future...

Thanks EventsNow INC for giving me the opportunity to start my own Business. I look forward to working with you guys for a VERY LONG TIME!
Kind regards,

CEO - TicketCritter