Original title: Book collection of "golden" key
Once the reading book after becoming a hobby, always Favorite books. By collectors, mostly because of its content for their favorite, therefore,http://www.bgemmen.com]Cheap Hockey Jerseys,Discount Hockey Jerseys,Cheap Football Jerseys,Baseball Jerseys for Sale,NBA Jerseys Cheap,Custom Sports Jerseys,NHL Jerseys Wholesale,Discount Ice Hockey Jerseys[/url], in addition, is also a great stress on the version, it is worth our collection of books in general are the following: In general, when the first edition limited circulation version, some special early hardcover version,, and the signature of the author himself, the larger the possibility of future price increases. Contemporary author of hundreds of people already in the first edition of the book auction price rose,, ranging from tens to thousands of dollars, a few first edition of the book selling price in the auction market has been climbing on the high four-digit number.
Fine print: Some books, in addition to cheap generic version, and another limited number of hardcover books or special finishing this. Because of these books in the ink and printing sectors, especially fine,Students n, large format, paper is better, has a limited amount, it is worth collecting. Fu Lei translated as "Charlotte rumor", early September 1933 edition, in which non-sale hardcover printed only 50, attracted the attention of bibliophiles at home and abroad.
Signed this: some of the books already out of the hands of masters, plus celebrity signature on the title page message in, it makes more sense, the book price will soar on, even up to ten times the number of extremely hot. The signature of this in another number. The so-called number is printed on a limited amount of its sequential arrangement, or gift or sale. April 1991 signed by Mr. Ba Jin "Wandering" NO special equipment present in Shanghai Jingmai to 18,000 yuan, setting a new record in the history of the continent's 40-year auction book.
First Edition: first edition of the Big Book are personally supervised by the author of the printing and proofreading, has always been valued version of Jurists, and in order to check out later editor's negligence. Such as "Tang Dynasty Novels" Yinke disciples ???, the 1947 Business Edition; Xialuo De Buren Intuit with the "orphan wandering mind" (Wu light built translation, Shanghai Commercial Press in early September 1935 edition), have become Treasures sector.
bookplate this: is posted on the copyright page of the book bookplate. The bookplate in the rise of our country, when is this thing 1920s and 1930s. Ye Lingfeng said: "put aside the books themselves, only for the collection of this stuff already and stamps, is endless thing." Bookplate priced overseas, has been extremely expensive.
Ancient Versions: Over time, the longer the era of the more collectible books, the Republic of China, Song book prices pushed up to five or six ten silver page. This 1942 Zhaoru Zhen "antique Guide," a book that documented. In recent years, rare books in the collection, the following study painting, antiques, etc. come to the fore. Leaving aside the value of rare books of literature, in its appreciation in value terms, a product with a good rare books, itself is an elegant work of art. Thread-bound ancient books that cover design elegant, sophisticated book brain, spine and right of indicia, etc. These unique binding form China captivating. Open the book, the font is not meaningful when fresh bulk ink overflow ancient heritage incense.
appreciation potential than the collection of books is not stamps, coins low, especially by historical limitations, can not be reprinted or small-volume, loss of large book version, but with a greater appreciation of space. Favorite Books must first have a certain historical and cultural heritage, while also have a certain version, publishing history knowledge. Only understand what books have collectible value, in order to better grasp the book collection of "golden" key. As to what the book might prices, mainly to see whether the content unique novelty, if this theme only this one book, and nothing in this, then the future is undoubtedly worth will rise.
Source: Changsha Evening News