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Thread: CONLIGUS the new opportunity

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    atribus Guest

    Default CONLIGUS the new opportunity


    Now start the new business. It's new, it's different.Conligus Hybrid Auction

    http://atribus.conligus.org/ sign up for free
    Every single desire can lead to dream and every single dream has possibility to become reality!
    What if we flipped things upside down? Turned things around. What if you you could earn from an investment before investing? What if you didn't have to sell anything to make money but instead gave things away. This is the world of Conligus
    Success on Autopilot
    With decades of International business experience, our core group of like- minded thinkers have joined together for one reason: WE BELIEVE!
    Our core values consist of the belief that everyone should have the chance to reach his or her goals in life while maintaining a high level of honesty, integrity, and character.
    We have used that diverse business experience and expertise to create a unique and exciting opportunity in the marketplace: Conligus
    With each membership package that is offered by Conligus, you will receive a precise amount of bids. You can use these bids to purchase any of the top of the line products offered by numerous high end companies from around the world.

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    atribus Guest


    “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” join now for free. Secure your place....
    Conligus Hybrid Auction more info https://atribus.conligus.org/

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    atribus Guest


    “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” join now for free. Secure your place....
    Conligus Hybrid Auction more info https://atribus.conligus.org/

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    atribus Guest


    A short explanation of the story of CONLIGUS.

    Every full age individual can join in the system CONLIGUS for FREE at a link form a person who invited him in the first place. You can choose your own user name and thus you get your link or personalized webpage (as if you opened your profile on a social network). For example, https://your username.conligus.org)

    Registration doesn't bind you to anything!

    What's the vision of the company?

    Our vision is simple. By the end of 2016 we want to have 100 million registered members, and afterwards even more. Our or your job is to register as many people as possible in a shortest period of time. From the whole community you will get a share of the profit.

    Why would you register in CONLIGUS NOW?

    There is a great possibility of favorable purchase. At this moment 'Conligus Hybrid Auction 'http: //www.hybridauction.com/ is already working. Auction system enables 91% cheaper purchase or from 0, 01 € to 9% worth of a product.
    In time, when the number of registered users will enlarge, some other platforms will start. First Shop and then others. You will see… IT WILL BE CRAZY!
    Second reason is the business opportunity which can make you earn a lot of money. You can do this by simply inviting your friends and acquaintances to join the community. By their membership you start building your own community within the company. Thus you will receive percentage of purchase of all your people and the people they will join to the community. Can you imagine? Yes, as it's extremely simple.

    Why is it important not to hesitate with joining the system although you are not familiar with all the details?

    Because everyone joined by your friend (the one who invited you to register) will already be after you and thus also a part of your community and will make you profit!!!
    Because registration doesn't cost you anything and doesn't bind you to anything, you will have time afterwards to inform yourself while your community and profit will be rising. 

    That is why trust the person who has invited you to register and do it RIGHT AWAY (if you haven't already)! Then read on!
    Click on the link which you have been forwarded and type your name, surname, date of birth, e-mail address and choose your user name. After that you must confirm registration by clicking on the link which you will receive on your e-mail. Thus you have access to your web office. In other words you have the opportunity to create a big story if you decide to do so.


    You have already done the first step – you have registered!
    The second step (THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE) is to call the person who invited you to the system to inform you with all the necessary instructions.
    If this person doesn't have all the answers to your questions, ask him to connect you with the leading people.

    The way to success starts with the first step. Follow the above guidelines and go step by step to your success.


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    atribus Guest


    Welcome to conligus!

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    atribus Guest


    “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” join now for free. Secure your place....
    Conligus Hybrid Auction more info https://atribus.conligus.org/

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    atribus Guest


    Conligus - Why will it be the next big success story.

    Conligus’ profit sharing opportunity pays out ‘10 % of the company’s total monthly commissionable volume (CV). “Shares” in the revenue-sharing pool are given to affiliates based on which starter pack a person has purchased or upgraded to.Pro Partner Pack (250 EUR) >> receive 5 share in the pool - Executive Partner Pack (700 EUR) >> receive 20 shares in the pool Conligus affiliates can receive additional shares in the pool when their personally introduced affiliates purchase a starter pack. - recruit a new Pro Auctioneer affiliate = 5 additional share - recruit a new Executive Auctioneer affiliate = 20 additional shares Retail Bonus: Each Partner Pack contains a certain number of bid packs which can be given out to people who can then bid in the auctions.

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    atribus Guest


    An important step in your life and great for your future.
    Join for free https://atribus.conligus.org/

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    atribus Guest


    Anyone who join for free https://atribus.conligus.org/. I donate $ 5 for http://www.hybridauction.com

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    Jul 2016

    Default CONLIGUS the new opportunity

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful thread!!

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