Therapists can only reach a certain number of people at a time. Because of ethics and laws, certain therapists can only work one on one or with couples. Reaching a larger group of people is difficult if not impossible.

There is another element of therapy that many may not realize ? embarrassment.

?So many people are embarrassed to admit they need or could benefit from therapy. This is a real shame because therapy can help so many if they simply gave it a try. This is one reason I created my podcast,? said Dr. Sally Nazari.

The podcast has unique advantages which standard therapy and therapists cannot reach. Anonymity, 24/7 access and the chance to reach more people with the same basic therapy concepts are the main reasons for creating a podcast.

Other advantages include being able to cover a range of topics that meet the needs of various people. This one size fits all approach is actually quite effective for many who may have similar issues with trauma, relationships or just an ear to listen and give solid advice.

Many of the topics covered in the podcasts will revolve around common issues such as PTSD, a disorder that is not strictly limited to veterans.

?PTSD can effect anyone. PTSD is caused by trauma, and trauma is defined as anything that upsets a daily activity,? continued Nazari.

The podcasts will be Mondays and Thursdays to begin and will later occur once a week. Dr. Nazari has appointments throughout the week, one Saturday a month and evening appointments. To schedule an appointment, visit the website at or call 845-236-5612.