We hear every day that the "Big One Is Coming," but the question is always, "When is it going to happen?" No expert has been able to tell us that; and the reason is, no one knows that exact date. If someone were to give you an actual date, call them a liar, and get away as fast as possible. I would like to think that there are still people with "rational minds" and "common sense," to know that something is not right in the world we live in today.

Russia and China have taken steps to reduce their countries exposure to our debt - Treasury Bonds - and increase their holdings of physical gold recently. Other countries have strongly demanded their gold holdings that were located in London and New York to be returned immediately, to the countries they belong to. So, what is going on here? If everything is going well, why are others preparing for something by repatriating their gold? Other countries are reducing what they have in our -American- markets, but we - United States Citizens- are being told "all is well;" what do you think? Partnerships are being secured where the dollar won't even be used in those transactions, further reducing the need for it. This party cannot go on forever, and before long it will end.

We are currently in the 2nd longest bull market for stocks and that doesn't seem to bother people, why is that? Even before the worst earthquakes there are warning trimmers, just like within the markets; corrections, sector declines, falls below the 52 week or 200 day moving averages, but people are not even paying them any attention. No longer are there investments that will produce a reliable return on your money, without putting it at a greater risk of loss. So, prudent investing is not the goal anymore, but gambling is. However, there are still �safe- investments, if you are willing to explore them. You see wealth is never destroyed, only transferred. All that is needed is a plan and determination to get started.

When the crash hits, you and your family's survival will be your own responsibility and no one else's. Banks have laws right now to close, and restrict access to your money they have at their branches. What will you do if you cannot get to your own money from your banks' branch or ATM? An example of this happened in Greece and India last year. Don't think this can't happen in the United States of America. Having cash outside the banking system will be the first thing to help prepare for any crash, because until all confidence is lost in the dollar, we will still be able to transact our business and buy food, fuel, and other necessities.

The second thing that will help you to prepare for any crash is owning the precious metals of silver and gold. Both being monetary metals and greatly under valued at this time. Silvers' use as a barterable metal can take care of small purchases and everyday items. Where fractional gold (1, 2.5, 5, 10 gram) to (1/10 , 0.25, 0.50, 1 oz) bars and coins for larger items. Opportunities will be presenting themselves and having these metals will provide the money needed to go shopping at deep discounted prices.

In conclusion, keep some cash aside and when possible get some silver and gold while the price is still low, because it will always have value and be in demand.

Roger Dowe