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Thread: Our Reprint Policies

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    Default Our Reprint Policies

    for Publishers and Webmasters

    *** Digital Reprint Rights ***
    Our Reprint Policies:

    If you wish to reprint any article from BusinessOpportunityForum.com in
    your e-zine, website, blog, forum, RSS feed or print publication, you must:

    * NEVER distribute those articles in Unsolicited Email (Spam).

    * Always include Article Source: BusinessOpportunityForum.com

    * Always include AUTHOR/WRITER Resource credits at the end of the article and all links within the article as Hyperlinks (clickable links).

    * Agree not to change the title or content of the article in any way. (Small grammatical error corrections are allowed). You Are Allowed to format the layout of the article for proper display of the article in your website or in your ezine, as you can maintain the author's interests
    within the article.

    * Agree to include the article source credit below each article reprinted with the link
    active: Article Source: BusinessOpportunityForum.com

    * Agree to not put any of the articles found on this forum to any web site that also contains warez, illegal mp3 or other files, instructions on how to make bombs or steal, or expressions that promote hatred or profanity or racism or bigotry, or contains pornography or exploits children or animals or any human, or any other unlawful activities.

    * Agree to never sell any article from the BusinessOpportunityForum.com

    * Agree to never charge others to view any article you reprint from our Archives.

    ** No additional permission is required from the author of any article within our directory as long as you agree to every term listed above.


    Liability: BusinessOpportunityForum.com does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or product represented on this site.

    No Implied Endorsement: BusinessOpportunityForum.com does not endorse or recommend anything. The views of the authors that have submitted their articles to this site are owned by them alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of BusinessOpportunityForum.com, its management team or owners. Further, BusinessOpportunityForum.com does not recommend any product or service found via any advertisement within this site.

    No Warranty: When using this site, you may find many links to 3rd party Internet sites. BusinessOpportunityForum.com is not responsible for the content or availability of these 3rd party sites. BusinessOpportunityForum.com does not warrant or guarantee the
    products, services, or information found on external or 3rd party sites.

    Information presented on this site is for educational or entertainment purposes only. You are responsible for your own actions should you use any information found on this site.
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