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Our company is going INTERNATIONAL!

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Thread: Our company is going INTERNATIONAL!

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    klee Guest

    Default Our company is going INTERNATIONAL!

    GoodFaith Marketing Incorporatedthe company I work for as a Product Lecturer is going INTERNATIONAL and is looking for COUNTRY STOCKISTS worldwide!

    Currently negotiations are ongoing in various countries such as in Canada, Australia, Italy, among others.

    Our company specializes in health products imported from UK, USA, China and Taiwan.

    We are the official distributors of Nutranomics, as well as ANION BULBS, Hibis Sanitary Napkins (Taiwan), Drinkables (USA), and therapeutic magnets and ZPE Pendants here in the Philippines.

    Our company has helped a lot of people here in the Philippines both in health and in wealth. The website has some testimonials from our beloved users all over the Philippines.

    Kindly check out our website, again GoodFaith Marketing Inc for more information about our company (company profile, legalities, goals, testimonials, product lines, etc.)

    If you are interested in our project as a Country Stockist, kindly sent me a private message, or contact me through my details attached in my signature.

    Thank you very much and hoping to do business with you!

    here's a link to the Powerpoint presentation of the Program Guidelines and Business Plan:

    A Picture of Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao using one of our products (Biomagnetic Therapeutic Bracelet in Tungsten):
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    rk0012 Guest

    Default Hi

    Interested but still confuse about the security.

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    mando88eg Guest


    nice work
    If it's like a network marketing. i can help in the mideast
    u can see my topic and know what i am talking about

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