Most people are looking for a business opportunity to earn additional income or to start a new career. Although money is usually the driving force behind the purchase of a business opportunity, it shouldn't be your only focus. The idea of getting involved for money alone is one of the main causes for failure.

Look at a business opportunity as if you were auditioning for a role. Every business requires you to play a role in order to be successful. The most successful actors audition for roles that fit them well. If the business opportunity requires you to play a role that you don't feel good about then you should look for something else. Make sure to ask what role or roles you will need to play in order to achieve success. Then try to envision yourself playing that role. Be honest with yourself, by the time we reach adulthood we know what we do and don't do well. It would not make sense to invest in an opportunity that required you to do something or be someone that you are not.

Ask yourself the following questions.

1. How much money do I need to earn?

2. Can I reach my financial goals with this type of business?

3. How quickly can I reach my income goals?

4. Is the income based on one-time sales or residuals?

5. Am I looking for a part time income or a full time career opportunity?

6, What is more important? Predictable income as from a job, or the freedom of being my own boss?

7. Do I need prior experience in this industry?

8. Particularly for a sales-related opportunity, am I a person who enjoys interacting with people?

9. Can I work from home or do I need an office?

10.Do I want to manage people or be on my own?

11.Do I feel that this business provides a needed product or service to its customers? Would you offer it to your friends?

12. If people ask, would I be proud to tell them about this business opportunity?

Having passion for what you do goes a long way to achieving financial success. When you put your energy into something that you love the money is just a byproduct.
Why am I writing this?

To tell the truth it is somewhat self serving. As someone who spends his days selling a business opportunity, I have come to realize how unprepared people are to research the opportunities that are available. I want to attract people who will succeed, who are the right fit for the opportunity I am offering. There are far too many get rich quick schemes that one needs to weed through to find a legitimate opportunity, and then to identify the one that is right for you. Perhaps these questions may help your search. And, perhaps some of you may find your answer in the opportunity I am offering. To find out if our Paymentology™ business opportunity is right for you please feel free to call me at our Toll Free number or direct below.

Happy Hunting,

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