"lower abdomen woman" who's the gospel, Xiaobian special thin waist collected seven tips to easily help you quickly get rid Xiaodu Zi, and so what quickly to a test bar!a bowl of raspberry to eliminate bloatingRaspberry cellulose content is very high, the effect of preventing constipation. (Constipation make you belly up big, such as small balloon in general! irrigation Dafadrink plenty of water each day should be your routine. The water does not contain calories, but also can make your body's metabolism, high-speed operation.away from the cocktailsThere is no doubt that wine is fat-free, but the calorie content is very high. wine will improve your body's cortex alcohol level, this powerful hormone is precisely the belly fat stored accomplice.back straight and sit straightCamponotus bending of the sitting is not only indecent, but also to You look, "portly." In order to exercise your abdominal muscles to achieve weight loss results, should be shoulders when sitting back and put aside his chin and lower back leaning on a chair to keep the belly muscles taut.